Is it a pure coincidence…

May 2, 2023 § 2 Comments

Is it a pure coincidence that when you map the storm drains in Los Angeles County, showing the large diameter drains in thicker lines, that it resembles a river system? This image shows some of the 500+ miles of open channel storm drains, and 2,800+ miles of underground storm drains in the County.


§ 2 Responses to Is it a pure coincidence…

  • Marcos says:

    I worked as a land surveyor for a few years. Each time a storm drain is created, things even as small as V ditch are all controlled by hydrology reports created by engineers to insure proper drainage. As it works out, Mother Nature already had it figured out, they copy her lead, hence the river system looking construction

  • TED TRZYNA says:

    How can I get my piece posted? Here it is:

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