Perennially Popular Articles

As of Summer 2010, here are recommended articles that are among the top ranked articles based on the number of times that they’ve been accessed. We’ve trimmed this to just include recommended items, omittting popular pieces that were time-sensitive and are not so relevant today. The three most popular so far are bold.

>A tree grows on Beaudry: echos of the creeks of Echo Park

An Artesian Belt in San Gabriel [2 part series: >1 >2]

>Daylighting in the Heart of Seoul: The Cheong Gye Cheon Project

>Find a former waterway or wetland near you

>Fish in the Los Angeles River 

>How Long is the Los Angeles River?

Kayaking the Los Angeles River [3-part series: >1 >2 >3]

>More on the North Branch of the Arroyo Seco [Highland Park]

Of Nexus and Navigability [5-part Clean Water Act series: >1 >2 >3 >4 >5]

>Searching for Tom-or Joshua-down in Dominguez [the Nigger Slough]

>Streams in the Baldwin Hills Oil Fields

>Tragedy at the Elysian Springs

>Water Harvesting in My Front Yard

>Watering Trees from my Washing Machine [greywater]

>What’s the Plan? [L.A. River Master Plan/s]

>When the water shook out of the zanjas: the earthquake of 1857

>Where to Get Married on the L.A. River [and its follow-up: Creekside wedding sites for the wild at heart]

>Woodburied Creek [Pasadena’s Woodbury Creek]

Bosque del Rio Hondo - from the article: Creekside wedding sites for the wild at heart

§ 3 Responses to Perennially Popular Articles

  • yvonne says:

    My daughter fell in a creek (water hole up to her chest)in Agoura last week before the rains. The water was pretty stagnant looking (grey and murky) though no bad odor. She got sick with a hardcore cold (no diarhea or fever)…is there anything in the creekwater we should be concerned about this time of year?

  • yvonne says:

    thanks, I was just wondering if there was anything like giardia in these parts… I grew up creeping around our creeks around here, but it’s been a while– things have changed—-there’s thousands more homes in the area…. I haven’t been in the water in many moons. I’ll watch her closely. Docs can’t do anything for a common cold that I can’t do–

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