Commerce over creeks at Wilshire + Hoover

November 10, 2008 § 4 Comments


Not going to happen.

Not going to happen.

Joe forwarded me the following blog post, about a planned shopping center at Wilshire and Hoover, across from Lafayette Park:

Curbed LA: Rumblings Update: New Shopping Center at Lafayette Park

Oh, that hurts, as for years I’ve been hoping we could convince a public agency to acquire the parking lot in question and use it to expand Lafayette Park, one of the city’s most intensively used parks, in probably the densest and most park-poor part of Los Angeles.  I knew it was a losing battle, it would take serious political will to purchase property for the public good on Wilshire Blvd, but it is disappointing nonetheless.  In expanding the park, we also would create an opportunity to daylight the buried Arroyo de la Brea, the stream that used to flow through this terrain.  I referenced it in an earlier post.

And it was called Arroyo de la Brea for good reason, as even today there are tar seeps in the parking lot. I almost lost my shoe in one of them back in 2001 when I first explored the area. I hope the developer is well informed about their legal obligation to not only notify the Natural History/George C. Page Museum about any archeological remains they encounter (i.e. dinos) but they will also cover the excavation costs on behalf of the Museum, which is a County facility.

So before it all goes into the dustbin of wasted idealism, here’s some slides I put together for the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, to promote what could happen at Lafayette Park (and surrounds), including a public-private partnership scenario. Meanwhile, the once graceful Lafayette Park is continuing to be chopped up into an increasingly visually disjointed patchwork of specifically programmed uses.  Would this happen in Pacific Palisades?

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