Militant Angeleno on the Creeks of UCLA

August 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

Click for bigger UCLA creek images at Militant Angeleno blog site

There’s an excellent article today at Militant Angeleno where he tracks down and maps the lost creeks running through the UCLA campus in Westwood. The piece includes plenty of photos and a great map. Here’s an excerpt:

There were four waterways that ran through the UCLA campus – all north from the Santa Monica Mountains down south eventually towards Ballona Creek – just like the other two rivers that The Militant retraced. There was (from west to east) the West Arroyo, Foothill Stream, Stone Canyon Creek and East Arroyo.

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Recent News – 8 November 2010

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

> Watch the above vid for more green streets meets complete streets – from Portland and Streetfilms. The beautiful rain garden drainage stuff is shown at minute 4:06… but I know many creek freaks will like all the sexy bike boulevard stuff, too. Landscape+Urbanism has some photos – note that Portland is able to retain existing trees on these projects. Here’s a design for a similar bike boulevard project in Los Angeles that would divert cars off to side streets, allow bikes to pass directly through, and would cleanse rainwater, too: (read more about 4SBB here and get involved!) [more cool green street stuff later this week, too!]

4th Street Bicycle Boulevard Catalina Islands - proposal for diverter at 4th and Catalina - image by Aaron Kuehn

> More fun creek freak videos: watch Ballona Creek Renaissance leader Jim Lamm (Culver City Real Estate Voice) and watch the recent US Green Building Council panel ( which we announced here and was reviewed as follows:

I thought it was one of the best USGBC events I have ever been to in this city.  It was really informative …I wasn’t planning on staying as long as I did, but I found myself so engaged with the discussions and didn’t want to leave.

(It was a a great panel, if I do say so myself, though vid may be “tl;dw” for some.)

> UCLA Lab School plans a Stone Canyon Creek restoration planting day later this month.

> The Jewish Journal reports that Heschel School has received a grant for a new L.A. River mural.

> Downtown News reports on the groundbreaking for the downtown’s 7th Street Low Flow Diversion Project. (Announcemed at LACF here.)

The Los Angeles River: The Future is Now - official poster by Oscar Amaro

> Contest! About a week to go to name all the animals in the L.A. city’s L.A. River poster and win framed artwork. Enter your best guess in the comments at LA Stormwater Blog.

>On December 7th, The city of Duarte is opening its new bioswale and outdoor classroom park at El Encanto oops! corrected 11-12-2010: Encanto Park, located on the San Gabriel River.

> KCRW questions the 6th Street Bridge replacement project calling it an uninspired “bridge to nowhere.”

It takes a village…

March 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

Stone Canyon Creek at UCLA

And the persistence of one or two passionate people, to bring the funding & permitting together to restore our local creeks.  To find the dozens if not hundreds of volunteers and build the good will to expand the restoration, planting over a thousand plants.  In this case, the spotlight shines on Mark Abramson and Heather Burdick, of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission and Santa Monica Baykeeper, respectively, who with the University’s Institute of the Environment, have done just that at Stone Canyon Creek as it flows through the UCLA campus (behind the Business school for the curious). « Read the rest of this entry »

News and Events – 17 July 2009

July 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

Some Recent News of Interest to us Creek Freaks:

Alternet: Rainwater harvesting genius Brad Lancaster on rainwater dryland farming in Tucson. See also this article about Tucson’s new rainwater harvesting law.

EGP News: Hazard Park wetlands get shocking and unfortunate extreme brush clearance.

Legal Planet: More on the nexus and navigability stuff, Legal Planet thinks that stretches of the river cannot be deemed non-navigable simply because the Corps refuses to let people boat on it.

Los Angeles Eco-Village: L.A. Creek Freak’s neighbor had a good time  at Cornerstone Theater Company’s Touch the Water – A River Play and blogged about it here.

Long Beach Post: How to keep trash out of the Los Angeles River

Charley Harper killdeer artwork (from LASHP blog)

Charley Harper killdeer artwork (from LASHP blog)

Los Angeles State Historic Park: Nearly twitterly details of the saga of a killdeer couple and their nest, and eggs turning into baby killdeerlings, here1, here2, here3, here4here5 and pretty much missing from here6.  My favorite part was the cool artwork they ran by Charley Harper.

Men’s Journal: More coverage on George Wolfe‘s kantakerous kayak.

Pasadena Now: Maybe for L.A. Creek Freak’s one-year birthday, someone could give a couple of copies of the city of Pasadena’s new map of the Arroyo Seco.

Santa Monica Baykeeper: Students, teachers and volunteers are stewarding Stone Canyon Creek, which runs along UCLA Lab School.

Spouting Off: The Santa Monica Bay Watershed is one block healthier with the opening of the city of Santa Monica’s new green street: Bicknell Avenue between Barnard and Nielson.

Events, too: [updated 7/17 1pm]

On Friday July 24th, the Audubon Center at Debs Park will host a river film night.  It includes two shorts about the Arroyo Seco, Stream Spirit Rising (Featuring the Arroyo Seco’s North Branch Creek tributary and L.A. Creek Freak’s very own Jessica Hall)  and A River’s Journey to Rebirth (about the  reintroduction of Arroyo Chub in the Arroyo Seco,) followed by FLOW.

The city of Los Angeles is hosting a couple of meetings to update the public on river plans and projects: Tuesday July 28th at 1pm and 5:30pm at the Los Angeles River Center.

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