Woodman Avenue, Bicycles and Fish

February 28, 2014 § 3 Comments

Rainfall makes a creek out of the newly completed Woodman Avenue green street medians.

This morning’s rainfall makes a creek out of the newly completed Woodman Avenue green street medians.

I just posted an article at L.A. Streetsblog that wouldn’t be out of place at L.A. Creek Freak.

It’s the first part of a series where I’ll be exploring the connections between streets and creeks. I’ll be highlighting various green street projects, this article shows off the recently opened  Woodman Avenue Multi-Beneficial Stormwater Capture Project – a collaboration of The River Project and the City of Los Angeles.

Projects Progress in Lincoln Heights and Santa Monica

January 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Demolition underway at the 6.3-acre Albion Dairy site in Lincoln Heights. Photos taken looking downstream from the North Spring Street Bridge. The existing Downey Recreation Center park (with green lawn) is visible on the far left. The Los Angeles River is on the right, with the North Main Street Bridge visible.

I recently spotted a couple of projects that L.A. Creek Freak has reported on that are now making on-the-ground progress. In Lincoln Heights (photo above) the Albion Dairy site industrial buildings and parking lot are well on their way to being completely demolished. Information on that planned L.A. River park here. In Santa Monica (photo below) the Ocean Park Boulevard green street project is under construction. Information on that complete street project (including its green bike lanes) here.

Construction underway on the city of Santa Monica's Ocean Park Boulevard complete green street project

Two Videos featuring Andy Lipkis

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here are a couple of videos that creek freaks will enjoy; both feature Andy Lipkis the founder and soul of TreePeople. Above, Lipkis explains the Elmer Avenue green street. Below, Majora Carter‘s (who has lots of creek freak cred from her work on waterfront restoration on the Bronx River) new Ted.com talk tells three environmental entrepeneurship tales, including Lipkis’ work to green L.A. schools.

Visiting Watershed Parks in the Rain

December 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Our concrete rivers and creeks are dangerous during heavy rains; don’t take our word for it, watch No Way Out! What’s fun to visit in the rain are the adjacent rainwater harvesting sites: watershed management parks and green steets. L.A. Creek Freak didn’t quite get to Elmer Avenue in Sun ValleyBicknell Avenue in Santa Monica, or those city of Downey swales… if anyone has reports on any of those sites, please post comments!

Over the past couple rainy days Creek Freak did pay visits to Marsh Park, Riverdale Avenue and the Bimini Slough Ecology Park. Reports below!

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Green Street Sidewalks in Downtown L.A.

November 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

When Creek Freak posted our article about the city of Los Angeles’ recent Riverdale green street project, we received a comment from AHBE – a landscape architecture and environmental design firm located in Culver City, headed by Calvin Abe. I’ve been aware of AHBE from their support of Friends of the L.A. River, their creative contributions to Park(ing) Day and their rain garden projects – shown in more detail below. AHBE’s video (above) gives a good context for green streets, then profiles North East TreesOros Street and AHBE projects downtown and proposed for South L.A. « Read the rest of this entry »

Recent News – 8 November 2010

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

> Watch the above vid for more green streets meets complete streets – from Portland and Streetfilms. The beautiful rain garden drainage stuff is shown at minute 4:06… but I know many creek freaks will like all the sexy bike boulevard stuff, too. Landscape+Urbanism has some photos – note that Portland is able to retain existing trees on these projects. Here’s a design for a similar bike boulevard project in Los Angeles that would divert cars off to side streets, allow bikes to pass directly through, and would cleanse rainwater, too: (read more about 4SBB here and get involved!) [more cool green street stuff later this week, too!]

4th Street Bicycle Boulevard Catalina Islands - proposal for diverter at 4th and Catalina - image by Aaron Kuehn

> More fun creek freak videos: watch Ballona Creek Renaissance leader Jim Lamm (Culver City Real Estate Voice) and watch the recent US Green Building Council panel (blip.tv) which we announced here and was reviewed as follows:

I thought it was one of the best USGBC events I have ever been to in this city.  It was really informative …I wasn’t planning on staying as long as I did, but I found myself so engaged with the discussions and didn’t want to leave.

(It was a a great panel, if I do say so myself, though vid may be “tl;dw” for some.)

> UCLA Lab School plans a Stone Canyon Creek restoration planting day later this month.

> The Jewish Journal reports that Heschel School has received a grant for a new L.A. River mural.

> Downtown News reports on the groundbreaking for the downtown’s 7th Street Low Flow Diversion Project. (Announcemed at LACF here.)

The Los Angeles River: The Future is Now - official poster by Oscar Amaro

> Contest! About a week to go to name all the animals in the L.A. city’s L.A. River poster and win framed artwork. Enter your best guess in the comments at LA Stormwater Blog.

>On December 7th, The city of Duarte is opening its new bioswale and outdoor classroom park at El Encanto oops! corrected 11-12-2010: Encanto Park, located on the San Gabriel River.

> KCRW questions the 6th Street Bridge replacement project calling it an uninspired “bridge to nowhere.”

Riverdale Green Street Opened, City Standard Plans Shared

September 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

Council President Garcetti opening the Riverdale Green Street Project. Seated, left to right, are Zaldivar, Daniels, Cardellino, and Moore.

Under yesterday’s midday heat, on a quiet block in Elysian Valley, a small crowd gathered to celebrate the ribbon-cutting of the city of Los Angeles’ newest green street: Riverdale Avenue. The ceremonial opening was presided over by Council President Eric Garcetti, Public Works Commissioner Paula Daniels, Bureau of Sanitation General Manager Enrique Zaldivar, City Engineer Gary Moore, and Project Manager Joan Cardellino of the California Coastal Conservancy, which funded Riverdale’s retrofit.

Luminaries’ speeches took place under a tent at the intersection of Riverdale Avenue and Crystal Street, in front of the gates of Jardín del Río community garden and alongside the city’s very first official “V.S.C.E.” which, of course, stands for “Vegetated Stormwater Curb Extension.”

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Riverdale Avenue Green Street Opening Celebration Today 2pm

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sorry for late word on this one: the city of Los Angeles is hosting a grand opening and ribbon-cutting celebration for the Riverdale Avenue Green Street Project TODAY 2pm Wednesday September 29th 2010.

Flier for Today's Riverdale Grand Opening - click to download pdf

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Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Blvd Project: Green Streets meet Complete Streets

August 31, 2010 § 7 Comments

Ocean Park Boulevard - after - as planned

At Creek Freak, one of my past criticisms of green street projects is that they don’t adress issues of alternate transportation. Wonderful “Green Streets” projects address rainwater issues. Wonderful “Complete Streets” projects address walking, transit, bicycling. But n’er the twain shall meet?

Finally a local project has come across my desk that combines green streets and complete streets. At this point it’s about a half year before construction starts, but Creek Freak is happy to highlight the city of Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Boulevard project.

Ocean Park Boulevard - before - as it appears today

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Elmer Avenue Green Street Project Explored

July 8, 2010 § 20 Comments

AFTER: Elmer Avenue Green Street with bioswales, underground infiltration galleries, solar lighting and more - photo by LASGRWC

A few weeks ago, L.A. Creek Freak had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the Elmer Avenue green street project in Sun Valley. My earlier post mainly described the opening festivities, with little project information. Today’s article fills in more of the details.  

BEFORE: Elmer Avenue with no sidewalks, no stormdrains, no street lighting - photo by LASGRWC

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