Not Enough to Waste – New Water Solutions Booklet from Green L.A.

August 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

Cover and sample pages from Not Enough to Waste booklet - image from Designed by Colleen website

I had the pleasure of reading a handsome new booklet that gives a great overview of Los Angeles water issues. It’s called Not Enough Water to Waste: Solutions to Securing L.A.’s Water Future and it’s published by Green L.A. Coalition‘s water team – many of the same folks in the coalition that’s actively pushing to get Los Angeles’ Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance passed.

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LID Ordinance Approved by Public Works Committee

January 18, 2010 § 4 Comments

Permeable pavement sidewalk at L.A. Eco-Village. When LID passes we should see more of these kinds of rainwater infiltration practices thoughout Los Angeles.

Last Friday January 15th 2010, the Low Impact Development (or “LID”) ordinance was approved unanimously by the city of Los Angeles’ Board of Public Works. I recommend reading Spouting Off’s excellent coverage

First off, big props to Public Works Commissioner Paula Daniels who has spearheaded L.A.’s work on LID.  There are certainly lots of other commissioners, city staff, non-profit folks (and even bloggers on the sidelines) who’ve done some worthwhile work on this LID effort, but Commissioner Daniels has really been the driving force on this one. She’s an articulate and committed environmentalist, a valued friend, and a true creek freak! Kudos to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for appointing such a great leader to serve on the board that oversees the city’s public works.  

After the jump below, L.A. Creek Freak links you to LID background, posts Green L.A. Coalition’s announcement, and highlights LID’s next steps.

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