This Morning’s L.A. River Art

July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

So… no posts for a month, then two today… oh well. On my way bicycling back from this morning’s groundbreaking, I stopped to do a river sketch.

Los Angeles River – Elysian Valley – at 2 Freeway Bridge, by Joe Linton, ink on paper in Sketchbook No. 62, 25 June 2012, about 11″x14″

It’s in Elysian Valley, looking upstream toward the 2 Freeway Bridge. Note that I typically do a lot of vertical hatching, but when there’s water, the horizontal hatching is called for. More of my river drawings in my book, at my art show (up through August 15th 2012) and at my art blog.

I wasn’t the only person out doing L.A. River art today. « Read the rest of this entry »


Upcoming Events: Kayaking and Art

July 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey Creek Freaks – apologies I, Joe, haven’t been posting much lately. Most of my energy has been  going into my bike stuff. I will write more here at Creek Freak… soon… but for now, I’d like to plug a few upcoming events:

Legally-permitted L.A. River Kayak tours resume very soon

> Official permitted L.A. River Kayak tours will resume this Summer! The program will be expanded. Apparently the full announcement, with tickets for sale will happen any day now. Check the Paddle the L.A. River Facebook page.  KCET announcement here. L.A. Creek Freak’s story about last year’s kayaking here.

Two of my L.A. River drawings in the art show – reception this Sunday

> I am having an art show: City and Country: Art by Rick Cummings and Joe Linton. It’s at the Barbara Mendes Gallery at 2701 South Robertson Blvd in West L.A. (easy walk/bike from the Culver City end of the new Metro Expo Line.) The show actually opened today – Thursday July 12th, but the opening party reception takes place this Sunday, July 15th, 2012, from 3pm to 7pm. I have a few L.A. River drawings in the show. You can buy copies of the book I wrote and illustrated Down By The Los Angeles River for sale, and I can autograph for you at the reception on Sunday.

ALOUD Water Panel Sketch and Thanks

June 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sketch of L.A. Central Library’s ALOUD panel on Western Waters: Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig Childs, and William Deverell (click to enlarge – apologies where my sketch doesn’t necessarily get a spot-on likeness.)

I had a good time at last night’s ALOUD program The Elemental West: Reflections on Moving Water featuring Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig Childs and William Deverell. I previewed the event in detail here. The speakers were excellent; I could feel their visceral connections to landscape and waters. There was a compelling balance between the discomfort/fear that climate change is wreaking awful changes on earth’s lands and waters, and the comfort/love of being in and connecting with those places. The three had visited the Los Angeles River earlier in the day and expressed a mix of hope and sadness about its present state and its envisioned futures.  « Read the rest of this entry »

In Los Angeles, looking for love, but finding flood and luster

February 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

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Artist and potter Beatrice Wood’s retrospective (up until February 25 at  Santa Monica Museum of Art) charms. Mod and mystical and earthy and proudly naive, yet clothed in sophisticated glazes which alchemize ceramic into something resembling molten metal or glass… the numerous chalices, vessels and figurines that populate the SMMOA space are all as coy I imagine she must have been in life.

Anais Nin wrote of her luster ware, “Beatrice Wood combines her colors like a painter, makes them vibrate like a musician. They have strength even while iridescent and transparent. They have the rhythm and luster both of jewels and human eyes. Water poured from one of her jars will taste like wine.”

Nin, by the way, was the lover of the son of Wood’s former lover. She also got Wood’s autobiography, I Shock Myself, published. Creek Freak readers might be amused at the intertwining of the private lives of the 20th century avant garde with Los Angeles flood histories, as revealed through this volume. « Read the rest of this entry »

Processes of becoming: water and wastewater in some Northwest urban landscapes

October 2, 2011 § 5 Comments

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Last week I spent time in a city where rivers and streams are so much a fabric of the culture, they are a character in public life, possibly even approaching equals along with salmon, Microsoft, clearcut forest, and eagles… « Read the rest of this entry »

News and Events – 1 July 2010

July 1, 2010 § 1 Comment


MTA L.A. River graffiti - from, click for larger image

> Los Angeles Times L.A. Now blog reports that the L.A. City Attorney is seeking an injunction against 10 members of the Metro Transit Assassins. Their massive “MTA” graffiti art piece on the concrete wallks of the Los Angeles River stretched from the First Street to the 101 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. Their monumental tag was painted out recently – through a program funded by federal stimulus monies.

> The Downey Patriot reports that the city of Downey has approved plans for a new dog park, to be located on the San Gabriel River. The pull quote comes from Councilmember Roger Brossmer: “I’m all for the Lassies of the world, but I’m worried about vicious dogs.” The new park will be immediately upstream from Rio San Gabriel Park, which is just upstream of Firestone Boulevard. 

> I really enjoyed the above talk by Ellen Durham-Jones. She talks about the the “underperforming asphalt” in suburbia (mainly excess parking surrounding declining big box stores and malls), and how we go about Retrofitting Suburbia. Listen all the way to the end of the 20-minute talk to hear about her conclusions that some of our suburban development can be densified, while other parts of it can become more natural – including daylighting of creeks and 1000-foot buffers on stream corridors! I look forward to reading her book: Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs.

> Riparian Rap begins a new series examining errors in the way artists depict rivers and creeks. He calls these Geomorphically Incorrect Art. So far there’re part 1 and part 2.


> President Obama wants to know what you think our 21st century national conservation agenda should be. He’s sending some of his top folks to Los Angeles so they can hear the public’s ideas and priorities. There are two Los Angeles events next week, both featuring high-ranking cabinet members:

1 – An America’s Great Outdoors Initiative listening session will take place from 6pm to 8:30pm on Wednesday July 7th 2010 at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in South El Monte. They’re requesting email rsvps by July 2nd. See details here

2 – The second local America’s Great Outdoors Initiative listening session will be from 3pm to 7pm on Thursday July 8th 2010, at Occidental College in Eagle Rock. They’re requesting email rsvps by July 1st – today. See details here.

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