Creek Freak Real Estate / 627 N. Avenue 48/ North Branch of the Arroyo Seco

November 1, 2014 § 4 Comments

Recently we have been having fun with creek freak real estate leads sent to us by Louisa Van Leer. From now on I will post the leads as they come, hoping other creek freaks in the community might be want to jump on creek side property, or pool efforts to make some stream-side amazingness happen.

This 10,000 ft2 lot on the North Branch of the Arroyo Seco is part of a steep hillside dotted with native walnuts. The slope leads down to the former stream bed right behind Aldama Elementary. The route of the North Branch can be viewed on this Google map.

The property and the adjacent undeveloped lot happen to make a lush backdrop for the concrete yard of Aldama Elementary. While millions are being spent on schoolyard greening projects elsewhere, one could imagine Aldama students might one day simply walk out an open gate into an extension of its schoolyard to access hands-on science and ecology fun in a native walnut grove. This greenery is already there.

Looking around, we found some mysterious notes, a tree which might possibly be making pecans, and numerous balls of all sorts. Poking one’s head into a culvert opening at the end of the lot, one can hear, deep underground in a pipe, the echos of the waters of the North Branch flowing toward Sycamore Grove Park and the Arroyo Seco.


photo 4 photo 1

§ 4 Responses to Creek Freak Real Estate / 627 N. Avenue 48/ North Branch of the Arroyo Seco

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    I sure like your investigations. Keep it up.

  • chicanostudent says:


  • I am posting a link to this story, and to the fascinating map, on the Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance Facebook page, but a more precise description of the location of the property would be useful–do you know the address (you can find it on; I don’t see any vacant lots for sale on Zillow in this area. Although it doesn’t appear on most maps, Heidelberg Park (owned and managed by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority) extends uphill from the vicinity of the school up to Moon Ave. and San Rafael Ave.–perhaps the property in question is adjacent to or near the park? If so, it may be a candidate for land to be added to the park. As soon as we have more information I can post an update.

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