Changes at L.A. Creek Freak, Call for Contributors

September 15, 2012 § 13 Comments

The four L.A. Creek Freak blog writers: Jessica Hall, Joe Linton, Joshua Link, and Jane Tsong.

There are some changes afoot at L.A. Creek Freak.

Two of us, Jessica Hall and Joe Linton, started this forum in mid-2008. We knew we had a lot to say about creeks and streams and how they figure into Los Angeles’ past, present, and future. We wanted to reach new audiences, bring new folks down to the LA River and other rivers and streams. Challenge you to think bigger about the flood control system and storm water management.  Create a place where people could discuss local waters.

We wrote a lot, we learned a lot from folks who found us via the blog. As time progressed, two more contributors, Jane Tsong and Joshua Link, came on board to write additional posts.

Creek Freak is a labor of love. We’re all volunteers. Sometimes we’ve scooped the local media on big river stories, and sometimes we’ve gotten busy with other work and neglected our readership. Overall, we’re up to 561 posts, more than 500 subscribers, nearly 2500 comments, and nearly 500,000 visits.

We have a couple of announcements that mean Creek Freak’s future may meander a bit. We’ll still be around, and still posting here, but both Jessica and Joe are heading out of Southern California for a while… so we won’t have our fingers on the local pulse… but we’ll hopefully learn things from other places and bring those lessons learned back to L.A.

Jessica:  I’m the new Humboldt Baykeeper!  Stepping into this executive director role brings new challenges and responsibilities, while moving up to Humboldt County brings a different environment, more accessible natural beauty, and small town living to a city girl who has longed for an adventure like this for a quite a while.  I will miss many things about LA – and while my blogging here at LA Creek Freak will probably decline precipitously, I do still have a few posts writing themselves in my head.  Now, for the time to actually write them…. I’ll be leaving at the end of the month so some things may be left unsaid.  Be well, creek freaks, and tell your electeds you want your creeks back (tell them frequently).

Joe: In early 2013, I plan to move to Jersey City, New Jersey – right across the Hudson River from New York City. I’ve fallen in love with my girlfriend who lives there. I am excited to build a life together with her. In the long run, my girlfriend and I intend to move back to L.A. together (may be months or years, not sure when), but for now I am excited to explore the rivers and wetlands there – also work on my art and get involved in urban environmental activism there. (From late-September through mid-November I am also doing a two-month European vacation.)

Jane and Joshua plan to continue to contribute occasionally. Joe will occasionally contribute stories from afar, and Jessica will as opportunity allows, both looking to convey stories where there are stream lessons that are applicable to Southern California. No matter where we go, we’re still L.A. Creek Freaks!

We’re also looking for volunteers that are interested in contributing to L.A. Creek Freak and share the Creek Freak ethos of respectful yet passionate dialogue about our waterways.  If you’re interested, drop us an email – send to both jishica [at] and linton.joe [at] Tell us about yourself, your connection to local waters, and give us links to a couple of writing samples.

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§ 13 Responses to Changes at L.A. Creek Freak, Call for Contributors

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    Will certainly miss you guys. But I know with all your talent and sense of adventure you can’t be held to one place for too long. You’ve certainly given me incentive to explore and promote all our waterways with renewed interest.

    Bon voyage!


  • Princess Hahamongna says:

    May you forever freak freely, Creek Freaks! Guard and uncover the waters we shall.

  • Kathleen Satterfield says:

    Best wishes to both of you! It will be interesting to see who steps in to fill the void.

  • Georgia says:

    Joe, can’t wait to read your perspectives on the NJ metro area waterways!

  • Nancy Steele says:

    I will miss you two greatly so please keep in touch with all your LA Creek Freakers! Jessica – welcome to the wonderful world of directing nonprofits. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. Joe – how wonderful for you! Enjoy the east and come back soon. And for Jane and Joshua, keep up the good work here in LA.

  • Shelley Luce says:

    I’m very excited and happy for you Jessica and Joe, and I hope to see posts from both of you about the creeks of Humboldt, and NJ, and beyond. I have learned so much from you personally and through this blog and I know you’ve made a difference to the way people imagine their waterways, so THANK YOU! and good luck and lots of love to you.

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  • Edith says:

    Jessica and Joe – oh, how we’ll miss your e-penmanship! Our loss will certainly be Humboldt and New Jersey’s gain. Thank you for the years of loving volunteer labor. We wish you well as you write your next chapters. I look forward to your occasional freaky posts (I’ll be checking!) and to Jane and Joshua’s continued posts.

  • BRB… I’m gonna need some time to process the concept of a Linton-less Los Angeles.

  • Humboldt Baykeeper! That’s Great! They are an excellent group. When I lived up there I was very active in Humboldt Baykeeper. I attended the Bridge Brigade picking up trash along Samoa Bridge. I tabled with them at many events. I was fortunate to take a Bay tour on their fabulous Boston Whaler. I helped out at their monthly Arts Alive events. What a great job, and what fun. Congratulations

  • I just sent Humboldt Baykeeper this email:

    Hi Folks, I’m in LA and miss you all. You probably know this already, but as a top Creek Freak, Jessica Hall has been a major force for many years in getting attention and respect directed to creeks in Los Angeles. I do not know how you got her, she is in huge demand, but I do know that you scored big time.

    I trust you all to give Jessica a huge Humboldt welcome. The way I see it, you spend a certain amount of time introducing her to you local streams, the people that manage them, and the stakeholders that depend on their health. Then let her work her magic in her own creative and resourceful ways.

    Once Jessica has helped heal all the streams in Humboldt County, we in Los Angeles would really like her back.

    Thank you,

    Matt Horns

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