ALOUD Water Panel Sketch and Thanks

June 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sketch of L.A. Central Library’s ALOUD panel on Western Waters: Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig Childs, and William Deverell (click to enlarge – apologies where my sketch doesn’t necessarily get a spot-on likeness.)

I had a good time at last night’s ALOUD program The Elemental West: Reflections on Moving Water featuring Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig Childs and William Deverell. I previewed the event in detail here. The speakers were excellent; I could feel their visceral connections to landscape and waters. There was a compelling balance between the discomfort/fear that climate change is wreaking awful changes on earth’s lands and waters, and the comfort/love of being in and connecting with those places. The three had visited the Los Angeles River earlier in the day and expressed a mix of hope and sadness about its present state and its envisioned futures. 

The event ended up being a sort of Creek Freak reunion – lots of great women (and a couple men) working on and writing on healing L.A.’s waters and neighborhoods. Good to see fellow L.A. Creek Freak bloggers Jessica Hall and Joshua Link – plus The River Project, A Chance of Rain, Rambling L.A., The Council for Watershed Health, Backyard Ecology, river architect Arthur Golding, and even a good friend who helped usher me into river activism (in the early 90s, he was FoLAR’s first staffer) Martin Schlageter. Apologies for folks I’ve left out…

Thanks to all the folks at ALOUD for putting on another very worthwhile event!

I did the above sketch (click to enlarge) – which a few folks asked me to post online, hence this quick post. Sorry that the quick sketch doesn’t really look that much like Craig Childs. One of my favorite parts of the sketch is the water pitcher on the table – which sort of represents the sort of beauty and miracle in all its forms that Childs spoke about – from creek, to tapwater, to a soap-laden dribble from a car-wash, to rain-slickened roadways, water has a compelling language, shape, story… perhaps even in this sketch of a pitcher half full of water.

(More Joe Linton art at Handmade Ransom Notes.)

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§ 2 Responses to ALOUD Water Panel Sketch and Thanks

  • ebroomegreen says:

    Love the drawing. Love, love, love it. I too enjoyed the evening, though I came away wondering if Childs and Moore were a good pairing? Childs has the energy and style of a stand-up comic and because his work cannot be separated from its inherent schtick, by sheer force of style he dominated and I wanted more from Moore, who has an entirely different brand of eloquence, and who I find seeds deep and wonderful questions as only a philosopher can. She’s the one who always leaves me with more questions than I came in with… excited to be writing and thinking about water. The narrator also didn’t seem to know much about water, at least the State Water Project, but maybe he wasn’t supposed to … But I LOVE the sketch and ALOUD and it was nice to see a full auditorium in spite of the hockey and President in town.

  • […] (typeof(addthis_share) == "undefined"){ addthis_share = [];}Over at the LA Creek Freak blog, Joe Linton recaps the recent ALOUD program The Elemental West: Reflections on Moving Water featuring Kathleen Dean Moore, Craig […]

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