What would Snow White say? Disney Ranch to culvert a small stream and cut down 158 oaks

June 4, 2012 § 5 Comments

Snow White’s animal pals are going to be missing some of their woodland at the new Disney campus:

“The Project would require the removal of 158 County Ordinance-protected oak trees, including 16 heritage oak trees, and encroachment upon an additional 82 oak trees, including 3 heritage oaks…” (EIR, V.F-72)

“The Project would permanently impact approximately 0.08 acre (1,181 linear feet) of ACOE/RWQCB jurisidictional area…The Project would permanently impact 0.63 acre of CDFG jurisdictional streambed and associated habitat…” (EIR, V.F-81) “ACOE/RWQCB jurisdictional area” is jargon for Water of the US/Water of the State-admittedly, more jargon.  In other words, blue line stream.  You may observe here that status as a Water of the US/Water of the State doesn’t ensure protection, despite many characterizations to that effect, when environmentalists battled to preserve the designation on the LA River.

Existing mapped floodplain area (Zone A at left) to be reduced through Development Area.

Also, while this is most likely the FEMA 100-year storm floodplain shown on this map, as creekfreaks already know, floodplains are an essential part of the stream system, reducing the space for it has negative consequences for stream health.

This, as the High Country News recently remembered the loss of the Arcadia Oak Woodlands, albeit for a different reason.  I am grateful that we’re not arguing about Placerita Creek.  But loss of tributaries and confining the main channel’s floodplain are worrisome.  I don’t have time to read and interpret the entire EIR just now, so just letting you know that this on the docket.  AND if you are in the Santa Clarita area, there’s a hearing tonight (June 4) about the project:


Hart Hall

Hart Museum and Park

24151 Newhall Avenue

Newhall, CA 91321

The public has until June 18 to communicate your thoughts on this.  Include photos of an angry Snow White.  Or maybe her evil stepmom (and not the glam one in the theaters right now), standing in the middle of her new ranch.

Comments go to

Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning

Special Projects Section, Room 1362

320 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

or email ctran@planning.lacounty.gov

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

Based on this piece in the Whittier Daily News, Snow White’s pals will also have to hop around oil rigs on open space purchased with allocations from the County of LA’s Proposition A, which is a funding source designated for recreation, parks, and open space.

Where’s Princess Mononoke when you need her?

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§ 5 Responses to What would Snow White say? Disney Ranch to culvert a small stream and cut down 158 oaks

  • Jessica Hall says:

    And thanks to Lynne Plambeck at SCOPE for sending me word about the Disney EIR.

  • Joe Linton says:

    Really sad… seems like, from the image, that they could avoid the creek area and the oaks by concentrating the development along the upper half of the site. It could be a really incredible place, with more natural creek running through the development… and oak trees to sit under for creative inspiration.

    (Woefully, I don’t know Placerita Creek… can you give a link to a google map showing where this site is? I see the 14 Freeway in the image, but I actually don’t even know where that is.) – Updated: I tooled around on Google Maps and here’s a link to the site.

  • Trust me, with the way everything else is going out there in California Dreamland, mostl likely the plan has been given the green light and it’s approval is a given. The public hearings lately seem to be nothing more than P.R. “Eye Candy” so that they can say they did their job properly. The hands were shook and monies exchanged out of public view long ago.

    They’ll justify it by saying that newer younger nursery root bound containerized oak trees are included in part of the landscaping theme and I’m certain some conventional science-based chemical scheme will be used to guide them along.

    It might be helpful to actually provide some actual photos of the area and oaks which will be blitzed by Swedish Huskvarna.

  • Matt Horns says:

    From what I see here, this project seems to violate the spirit and letter of CA environmental laws intended to protect native oaks, aquatic and riparian habitats, and flood plains. It seems to allow development in a location that will sooner or later be inundated by flood waters. Looks to me like this property is most well-suited as a stream protection zone.

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