Youth Research Symposium Explores the L.A. River

May 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Youth Research Symposium L.A. River revitalization model of the river through downtown, including detailed replication of river graffiti. More photos below.

I had the pleasure of attending a Youth Research Symposium last Saturday May 26th 2012. The event took place at L.A. Trade Tech College, and was presented by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center‘s Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations. Through I got involved in this a little through bicycling issues, via the new non-profit effort Bikas, I was impressed that many of the student research projects focused on the future of the Los Angeles River. I am encouraged about the prospects for L.A.’s future when so many of L.A.’s youth leadership are focusing on projects I’ve been actively pushing for: making L.A. more bicycle-friendly and revitalizing the L.A. River! 

Before the event, I met with groups that were researching bicycling issues – at both Wilson High School (El Sereno) and Lincoln High School (Lincoln Heights.) High School youth formed groups, and did original research, mostly including surveys, then presented their findings at the symposium.

I was splitting my time between two events the day of the event, so I missed a lot of the presentations, but I did get some photos of river boards:

L.A. River Revitalization presentation board – from Lincoln High School student group

Another L.A. River presentation board – by Lincoln High School students

Close-up of Presentation board showing survey results: What attracts you to the L.A. River? Mostly: Exercise and Natural Environment. Not so much: Water, Loneliness or Nothing

and this great model showing a possible reconfiguration of the Los Angeles River channel through downtown Los Angeles: (not sure who created this – if it’s you, please comment and let us know)

Elaborate model showing L.A. River: existing(background) and potential revitalization by putting railroad tracks underground (foreground.) Looks like the central arched spans of the 6th Street Bridge towering above the river.

another view of the river revitalization model

Congratulations to the high school students who did a great job on their river research projects!


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