Proposed Senate Bill to open up river access

March 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ready to ride the river?

I got a nifty email from Friends of the LA River Founder Lewis MacAdams the other day, informing rivvies of state Senate Bill 1201 that proposes to legalize access to the soft-bottom reaches of the L.A. River.  It will also create a Los Angeles River Interagency Access Council, which the Bill states is to

“coordinate the actions of state and local agencies with jurisdiction over, or otherwise involved in developing and administering public access and safety policies for, the Los Angeles River.”

It reclassifies natural-bottom flood channels as natural rivers, which is necessary to relieve local agencies of the responsibility (liability) for harm that occurs if someone is injured goofing around in “improved” rivers, er, flood channels.  I am really hoping this will open the potential for actual restoration of our concreted rivers as well – this liability being one of the big obstacles.  Maintaining flood capacity, of course, being the not-insurmountable other one.

You can download the Bill from the FOLAR webpage here.  Big props to FOLAR and UCLA’s Environmental Law Clinic who conceived of and drafted the bill.  And let Senator De Leon and his staff know how much you appreciate his efforts for moving this forward.

K bueno, no?



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