Cadiz wanna-be water empire gaining steam

February 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Someone drive a stake through the heart of this ecological vampire, once and for all.  Forwarding you today to Chance of Rain:

Cadiz, Inc today announced that it has optioned use of a derelict gas line to ship northern Californian water to the Mojave Desert for long-term storage by….

via Just say no to Cadiz stock tease.


§ One Response to Cadiz wanna-be water empire gaining steam

  • Emily Green says:

    Thank you Jessica. The corruption and greed behind this project is no way to plan for climate change, population growth and environmental stewardship. That it keeps popping up like a bad penny makes it all the harder to get a lucid conversation going about how to reduce our demands on the Colorado River, Owens Valley and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta while ensuring a healthy future for So Cal. Anyone who hasn’t commented on the Cadiz DEIR should go to the Santa Margarita Water District for the CEQA documents and follow the links. Santa Margarita’s general manager, a lawyer, is all for this project but he would be — he doesn’t know water. He’s all about the loopholes that Cadiz has thread keeping federal scientists, especially USGS hydrologists, from reviewing its eye-popping claims. Having attended two public hearings, one in Santa Margarita, another in Joshua Tree, it’s clear to me that the SM water authority staff and board, along with customers relying on its 150,000 hook-ups, don’t know what they’re getting into. They’ve even be told that pumping won’t affect springs! What happens when they’re asked to pay for remediation? They are, along with the people and wildlife and landscape of the Cadiz Valley, potentially the biggest victims of this project. They have a secure water supply through MWD from Reclamation; they don’t need this.

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