In Los Angeles, looking for love, but finding flood and luster

February 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

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Artist and potter Beatrice Wood’s retrospective (up until February 25 at  Santa Monica Museum of Art) charms. Mod and mystical and earthy and proudly naive, yet clothed in sophisticated glazes which alchemize ceramic into something resembling molten metal or glass… the numerous chalices, vessels and figurines that populate the SMMOA space are all as coy I imagine she must have been in life.

Anais Nin wrote of her luster ware, “Beatrice Wood combines her colors like a painter, makes them vibrate like a musician. They have strength even while iridescent and transparent. They have the rhythm and luster both of jewels and human eyes. Water poured from one of her jars will taste like wine.”

Nin, by the way, was the lover of the son of Wood’s former lover. She also got Wood’s autobiography, I Shock Myself, published. Creek Freak readers might be amused at the intertwining of the private lives of the 20th century avant garde with Los Angeles flood histories, as revealed through this volume. « Read the rest of this entry »


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