Driving the Verdugo Wash

January 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

Driver's trajectory through the Arroyo Verdugo - Photo from Tropico Station - click to go to larger images at Tropico Station

A unfortunate story about how our local creeks don’t look all that different from our freeways: Yesterday a woman drove her car down an access ramp and into the concrete Verdugo Wash. The Verdugo Wash (or Arroyo Verdugo) runs through the city of Glendale and enters the L.A. River across from Griffith Park. 

The driver apparently thought she was on a freeway and reportedly accellerated to about 70 miles per hour. She whizzed past county maintenance workers, before she clunked down a series of steps and stopped near where San Fernando Road goes below the 134 Freeway.

Good coverage with images at Tropico Station. Full story at L.A. Times, KABC, and Glendale News-Press.



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