New Solar Lighting on L.A. River Bikeway

December 2, 2011 § 6 Comments

New solar lighting (pole on left, with white sandwich board and cone at base) being installed on the L.A. River Bike Path. Glendale-Hyperion Bridge is in the background.

In mid-November, I spotted some new lights being installed along L.A. City’s stretch of L.A. River bike path. With the help of the city Department of Transportation’s Tim Fremaux and Department of Public Works’ Richard Lee, I have some background on the new lighting. 

The new lighting is being installed from just upstream of Fletcher Drive all the way to Riverside Drive (near the Zoo and Bette Davis Picnic Area), which is a total distance of about four and a half miles. The bike path in this stretch has been open for a while. Above Los Feliz, it opened in 1996. Below Los Feliz, I think it opened around 2000-2001, give or take a year. Those projects opened with lighting to help make the path more useful for commuting, but the copper wiring connecting the lighting was stolen three times, so there’s been no lighting there for a couple years.

The new lights are fully off-the-grid solar (like on Elmer Avenue) with no copper connecting them to each other. The solar panels are quite a bit bigger than the actual lighting element. The total project cost is about $900,000.

Assembled tall photo of the new solar lighting



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§ 6 Responses to New Solar Lighting on L.A. River Bikeway

  • Matt McGrath says:

    Very cool, thanks for sharing it.

  • david rowley says:

    hope they don’t steal the lights and poles. I did have to wonder why the instillation was occuring on the weekend instead of weekdays when the path had less use. It was a real challenge getting around thaem with one way traffic. David

  • Daniel Brodo says:

    Thank you very much for researching that info (pass along thanks to Tim Fremaux and Richard Lee also). I commute on the path every weekday morning and evening, between Figueroa and Los Feliz, mostly in the dark. When do they estimate the project will be complete? Is there any risk of a budget cut that would postpone it?

    • Joe Linton says:

      It sounded like it’s nearly done… I don’t think that there’s any budget that would derail at this point. (Though I hope those lights are pretty indestructibly theft-proof – it seems like the river bike path is too out of the way to keep any kind of valuable wiring…)

  • James Wakefield says:

    Thanks for this and other posts, Joe! What a wonderful world you’re exploring, documenting and protecting! I still recall the river system and its bridges from early childhood in La Cañada and it’s so fun to get reacquainted here!

    THS classmate James Wakefield (directed here by Valerie Lopez)

  • Eric Grammel says:

    I saw them illuminated the other night while jogging, they’re quite nice. Although with little or no police presence ever in that area, I fear they won’t last till the end of the year. If they don’t get shot up by the freely roaming gang members, they’ll be stolen by the scrap scavengers. If we lived in an actual city, this wouldn’t be the 4th go around for the same project.

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