Do you want to celebrate the water?

October 10, 2011 § 4 Comments

Ballona Creek rain garden celebrating during recent rains

Creek Freak’s Jessica Hall has the money line in Emily Green’s L.A. Times Dry Garden column last Friday:

This much I know as I estimate rainwater and consider how to manage it: Although the new system must function, it also must be beautiful. Earlier in the year, as I was babbling proudly to garden designer Jessica Hall about the plan to whisk half the roof water through concealed piping to the rear orchard, she asked, “Do you want to celebrate the water?”

A strong degree of brute efficiency will clearly be necessary, but as the first rains wash into L.A. County, the answer to Hall’s question is an unequivocal yes. Yes!

Read the full article here. Thanks Emily Green and Jessica Hall!

(Speaking of celebrating water, albeit in bigger more institutional ways, check out Jane Tsong’s Creek Freak article on Seattle’s new wastewater facility, also covered at Circle of Blue.)


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§ 4 Responses to Do you want to celebrate the water?

  • Jane Tsong says:

    Jessica, you are so right about encouraging us to celebrate the water!

    Another connection: The original art masterplan for Brightwater called for a series of artworks to celebrate the rain by capturing roof runoff in an artistic way. When the entire plant was redesigned to get in under budget, the roofs were eliminated, and this major series of stormwater artworks was never commissioned.

    Buster Simpson, who was to mentor the stormwater artists, had proposed an interesting stormwater artwork himself. He designed a shed to house the chlorination facilities– this shed was to be made of water bottles which double as pots for plants fed by storm runoff. Because of various complications, the final artwork by Simpson which visitors to the plant will see, does not fully reflect the ideas the artist originally proposed.

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    Another wherizzit question. I’ve been over to Ballona recently and didn’t see where the raingardens were. Where are they located?

    P.S. Went to your Santiago Creek spot last Saturday. Superb and quite
    surprisingly accessible behind the Medical Center.

    • Jessica Hall says:

      Mike, the rain gardens are along the Bike Path from Jackson Ave to Revere Place (between Overland and Duquesne). Hope you find it!

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    Thanks, Jessica. Will head on over there sometime.

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