Downey Rec Ctr Albion Demolition Kick-Off This Thursday

September 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Flier for this Thursday's Kick-Off Event - click for full-sized pdf

L.A. Creek Freak readers may remember the city of Los Angeles’ September 2009 acquisition of the 6-acre Albion Dairy site, adjacent to the L.A. River in Lincoln Heights. LACF ran this initial breaking news, a more detailed announcement, and photos of the site.

This week, at 12:30pm on Thursday September 29th 2011, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Councilmember Ed Reyes are hosting a demolition kick-off event. It’s open to the public – please attend and celebrate progress on the city’s newest river park.

An update on the project follows. 

During the community planning process in early 2010, the city finalized this design for the park. The new L.A. River park will be an addition to the city’s existing Downey Recreation Center park facility. Here’s the latest city concept plan for the site, which I think is good (but the bike path along the river is still missing):

Concept Plan for Albion - Downey Recreation Center River Park

The Ross Swiss Dairy that had been operating at the site ceased operations there in January 2010. The owner sold the company and they now operate out of City of Industry. Demolition work is already barely underway and expected to be completed around July 2012. All structures will be removed. Though it’s not an especially toxic industrial site (having served as a dairy distribution warehouse basically), any contaminated soil will also be removed, leaving bare clean soil cleaned. The site will then be hydro-seeded.

The park project will proceed in three phases:

  1. Demolition (described above)
  2. Water Quality Park
  3. Additional Recreational Features
Phase 2, expected to be funded through the city Prop O water quality funding, will include walkways and streambed infiltration areas. Phase 3, not yet funded, include a potential skate park, soccer field, and other features that do not qualify for Prop O dollars.

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§ 3 Responses to Downey Rec Ctr Albion Demolition Kick-Off This Thursday

  • Roland Peters says:

    I read the city plans for that site and I truly believe that a velodrome would be a much more rewarding plan for this community. Including wetlands should not be a problem. We are dedicated to our youth and we are certain that many kids in Lincoln Heights as well as nearby communities have a passion for cycling. The majority of our youth are riding single speed bicycles which belong in a velodrome. They are in desperate need of a velodrome in which they can learn and practice the true Olympic sport of track racing. As a cyclist I would hate to see these kids have knee problems in the future. The size of the Encino Velodrome would be perfect for the Albion site. Once we find out the exact estimate we will begin fundraising. For the moment we will seek support. Your feedback is of great help, thank you
    Roland Peters

  • Progress is slow. I hope it picks up soon

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