Knocking down harmless art on Ballona Creek

February 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Regular users of the Ballona Bike Path next to Marina del Rey are probably familiar with the little stone cairns down by the water’s edge. Or were – they apparently have merited the attention of the Flood Control District, which is now going to knock them down if they haven’t already. 

There was an impressive lineup of these little cairns(sorry I don’t have pics), but I have to admit I thought they were transitory guerilla-style fetishes. That said, the following letter to the County of LA (“Greg” below )had an interesting point to make, and I was granted permission by the author to re-post here at LACF. He also invites you to check out his photostream (and mentioned the one titled Sad But True as a follow-on image to this letter).

Dear Greg,

Not that I am necessarily a fan of John’s sculptures, but on the other hand I don’t think they’re doing any harm either. What does get my goat though, is the fact that the county will act upon the complaints of one local about something so harmless as stacking rocks along the edge of the creek. Does this mean if I complain every day about the millions of plastic bags floating in the creek on the ocean side of the net the county will get some people down there with nets and start scooping out all the trash in the creek? If so, start expecting a daily call from me.

Allow me to add to this that I’ve seen the artist (John Nielson) down there collecting bags full of garbage all by himself, to help clean up the true blight… the TRASH, which is more than I can say for Public Works who is supposedly maintaining the net. I rarely see anyone show up to clean up the build up at the net, and when I do, they come ill prepared and can hardly do the job at all, let alone do it right. As a result the net is nearly useless, in fact it’s worse than useless, it not only doesn’t stop the trash from going out to sea, it prevents spawning fish from going upstream to lay their eggs.

Think I’m exaggerating? Watch this video:

Why not use the labor for something more useful than knocking down harmless art!

Rick Pine

Good question, but it is being asked of the same guys that knocked down a harmless century old oak woodland last month.


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