Akiko Crawford’s River Artwork

January 18, 2011 § 3 Comments

4th Street and 6th Street Bridges over the L.A. River - painting by Akiko Crawford

Feast your eyes on this L.A. River art by Akiko Crawford. Click on each image to link to larger versions. Creek Freak ran one piece of hers of in an earlier post, then she recently posted a handful of wonderful river and bridge images, so I figured I’d check in with her and run a bunch here. There’re more, and other urban sketches, designs, renderings, photos and other stuff at Akiko Crawford: Portfolio and Art Blog.

Western end of 4th Street Bridge - drawing by Akiko Crawford

Devil's Gate Dam in Pasadena - drawing/painting by Akiko Crawford

L.A. River at Bette Davis Picnic Area - painting by Akiko Crawford

I should just let the art speak for itself, but I did a very short email interview with Akiko. She got familiar with the river on a FoLAR tour with Jenny Price. Here’s what she had to say when I asked her why she’s chosen local creeks and streams as her frequent subject matter:

I don’t know why I am attracted to rivers, but I find the river system in LA so interesting because of it’s history – having it concreted up is ugly, but people in the past did it for a reason, and now people are making efforts to reverse it and preserve what’s left of the soft bottom areas.  It’s interesting to follow the river even if it’s just a trickle most of the year – and see how the neighborhoods built up around it.  It’s almost like “behind the scenes” of the city. I was following the water in Glendale and got stopped by the police – I must have looked suspicious sketching and taking photos.

I am also fascinated about the power of nature – like grass and weed growing through concrete, and even after destruction, it can grow back within our human life time.  So visually, I like the combination of concrete and nature, and the LA River has that.  I also think all the bridges are beautiful!

Glendale-Hyperion Bridge over L.A. River - sketch by Akiko Crawford

La Loma Road Bridge over the Arroyo Seco - painting by Akiko Crawford

Colfax Avenue Bridge and adjacent Pedestrian Bridge - drawing by Akiko Crawford

San Pasqual Wash - sketches by Akiko Crawford

101 Freeway Bridge and Cesar Chavez Bridge portico - drawings by Akiko Crawford

(I am glad to read in her blog that she regularly uses the book I wrote and illustrated: Down by the Los Angeles River!  Here’s a link to a recent river sketch of mine – posted at my art blog.)

If you’re an artist and you create images of Los Angeles’ creeks and streams, drop us a line (especially with links to your work)  and we’ll feature your artwork here at Creek Freak!

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