Suggestions for last-minute charitable donations

January 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Recovering grey fox used to live at or near the Devil's Dip creek. He was poisoned with strychnine. Photo: Valley Wildlife Care

Creek Freak is mourning the razing of the Arcadia Oak Woodlands, and post-mortems will be rolling in over the next few days. But here’s another time sensitive issue where your contribution can make a big difference.

The tax year has ended, but you have til the end of the month to make tax deductible charitable contributions. We at LA Creek Freak (who are not a 501(c)3) hold a high regard for the many non-profit organizations active in our watersheds, all of whom would be worthy recipients of your donations. Check out our blogroll for links to them.

However, we thought this year to feature some very small non-profits that operate on the thinnest of shoestrings that would really benefit from your support.

Valley Wildlife Caredonate online – The heroes who recuperated a native grey fox poisoned out by the Devil’s Dip last year.

South Bay Wildlife Rehab – I (Jessica here) have had the privilege of driving owls, hawks, and other birds to the vet for this group and have seen up close how dedicated these volunteers are to mitigating the harm done to winged wildlife by urban sprawl.

Friends of the Santa Clara Riverdonate online – our region’s last wild river is beleagured by the same development thinking that destroyed the LA and San Gabriel Rivers. And as we in the basin know, it will cost more to restore it than to protect it. Give these folks a hand. Or donate to land acquisition efforts at the Nature Conservancy or California Coastal Conservancy.

CicLAviadonate online – Promoting a biking and walking culture in LA moves us towards sustainability; changes to make streetscapes more human-friendly inevitably also improve watershed function. (ok – it’s not quite a creek group – but Joe works there – and read Why I Creek Freak Like Bike to make the bike-creek connection. give $11 to CicLAvia’s Kickstarter campaign by January and get a cool spoke card!)

There are lots more prominent non-profits we creek freaks work with. They’re great and need  support – Heal the Bay, TreePeople, the Watershed Council, FoLAR, NE Trees, Green L.A. Coalition, Ballona Creek Renaissance, Arroyo Seco Foundation and many others – see the blogroll links on the right – but we wanted to draw attention to some of the smaller ones our readers may be less familiar with. Please include other suggested groups in the comments!


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§ One Response to Suggestions for last-minute charitable donations

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    I’m heartsick with the rest of you. I’ve had many moments of regret since I was a kid and watched my favorite little watercourses full of critters disappear under concrete. I almost couldn’t watch that ecosystem being pulverized in a matter of moments. It’s just too much.

    Back to the fight tomorrow.

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