Let There Be Light… Poles on the Elysian Valley Bike Path

September 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

New light pole (left) next to unofficial open access point (center) and locked official access point (right) at Elysian Valley Gateway Park

Sighted today along the river in Elysian Valley: new light poles! No actual lights yet, but it’s progress. The poles have been installed from around Riverdale Avenue to Fletcher Drive – about 3/4th of the new path segment. They’re so new that they’re not even unwrapped yet.

Today it’s a quick post with just a few photos, but for lots more information on the Elysian Valley Los Angles River Bike Path currently under construction since June 2009 and expected to be open December 2009, see this earlier Creek Freak article which has plenty of links to earlier articles.

New light poles along the bike path at Fletcher Drive


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§ 5 Responses to Let There Be Light… Poles on the Elysian Valley Bike Path

  • Brian of Glassell says:

    Looks like the bases are already tagged by the local turds.
    How soon will all the copper wiring be stolen?

    I know, just so negative, but so many people have so little respect for what they have, it all just gets tagged and bagged and blammo it’s gone!

  • […] Creek Freak spots new light poles along the L.A. River Bike Path in Elysian Valley. The LACBC’s BiciDigna Bike Repair Co-op […]

  • Brian,
    The tagging was put down on the base before the light poles were installed. When the work crews finish installation (finally) they’ll do a final round of cleaning off all graffiti along that section of the bike path.

  • Chad says:

    Went biking on the trail yesterday and these look really nice. They poles themselves have a glossy finish. Wonder if that is for easy cleaning of graffiti.

    Mitch Offarrel advised me that the landscaping is next. Not sure when, but I am sure it will open without landscaping.

  • paul says:

    Can you take the freaking paper off already!?

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