Kayak News: KABC vid and Reyes Motion

August 11, 2010 § 6 Comments

Click to watch the full video at KABC website!

George Wolfe of L.A. River Expeditions is at it again. KABC TV channel 4 kayaked the Sepulveda Basin with him and posted this video. (Sorry I couldn’t quite get it to embed – so click on image or link to view.)

In other L.A. River kayaking news, Los Angeles City Councilmember Ed Reyes has introduced a council motion to get more folks boating on our navigable river. Below is an excerpt from Reyes’ August 10 2010 press release.

A motion to establish a boating program in the concrete-entombed Los Angeles River, where boating and other water contact activities are prohibited, was introduced by Councilmember Reyes today.

“This motion brings people closer to experiencing the L.A. River–a living, breathing ecosystem of water, plant and animals–through kayaking and other non-motorized boating activities,” said Councilmember Reyes, who spearheaded the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. “The motion further brings communities together and creates access to the River for locals, especially those who travel long distances just to recreate in water.”

Specifically, Reyes’ motion directs affected City, county and environmental groups, in coordination with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, to report to the Ad Hoc River Committee in 90 days on the feasibility of establishing a pilot non-motorized boating program for the 32-mile stretch of the L.A. River that lies within the City’s boundaries., County of Los Angeles, and river and wildlife advocacy groups.

Reyes’ motion further calls for staff to address legal and financial issues, public access, public safety training and education and other matters with respect to water contact activities at the Los Angeles River.

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§ 6 Responses to Kayak News: KABC vid and Reyes Motion

  • in theory all navigable waterways are accessible to the public, right? I mean, I know many places where this is not actually true… but if we had people to advocate for this more strongly (like people do for coastal access) it would go a long way for the rivers I think.

  • savesutro says:

    That is amazing. Congratulations, and sending high hopes for the river.

  • Mike Letteriello says:

    Saw this as it happened, and thought of Creak Freak right away. Knew you’d be pleased with it because it was a good, sympathetic presentation of the river.

    • Joe Linton says:

      Yah – I definitely liked it – because the video makes it look really fun (which it is!) to kayak the river… though I felt like the broadcaster emphasized the trash a bit more than might be absolutely necessary.

  • I’m about to kayak in the Allegheney River! Should be a rather different experience when the urban river is wider than the downtown area adjacent!

  • Jessica Hall says:

    it’s kind of sad that we at LA Creek Freak have more comments about this video than the NBC website. We need to let them know that this kind of coverage matters (but I have to admit I found their whole sign up to log on thing the reason I didn’t do it…I guess commenters to LACF have to do that too…)

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