Not Enough to Waste – New Water Solutions Booklet from Green L.A.

August 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

Cover and sample pages from Not Enough to Waste booklet - image from Designed by Colleen website

I had the pleasure of reading a handsome new booklet that gives a great overview of Los Angeles water issues. It’s called Not Enough Water to Waste: Solutions to Securing L.A.’s Water Future and it’s published by Green L.A. Coalition‘s water team – many of the same folks in the coalition that’s actively pushing to get Los Angeles’ Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance passed.

I believe that the Not Enough to Waste title is a reference to an adage that I can still hear Dorothy Green saying, more or less: “In Southern California, we have enough water for people and for the environment – we just don’t have enough to waste.” The subjects touched on in the pamphlet range from where our water comes from, to sustainable landscaping, to watershed management, to greywater, to rainwater capture, to problems with bottled water. Lots of topics that we Creek Freaks write about!

Here’s one excerpt from the section Native and Drought Tolerant Landscaping: (I added a link)

Outdoor water usage represents the highest percentage of residential urban water consumption in Los Angeles. The traditional lawns and imported tropical plants popular with many home and business owners require more water to survive than the Los Angeles area can naturally provide.

By landscaping with California native plants (or plants from other semi-arid regions) we can greatly reduce outdoor water usage. According to the results of a study by the City of Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment, maintaining a traditional lawn requires almost ten times the amount of water needed to support a sustainably landscaped yard.

Over-watering also washes significant amounts of toxic pesticides and fertilizers into storm drains, tributaries, creeks, groundwater supplies, and ultimately into the ocean.

The coalition groups involved in producing the booklet include a cast of characters familiar to Creek Freak readers: City Vida, Environment Now, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Food and Water Watch, Sierra ClubSouthern California Watershed Alliance, and Urban Semillas.  The project was funded as part of a Water Education Campaign which is funded by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

from Not Enough to Waste

It’s got a simple and stylish layout – done by two environmentally-minded designer friends of mine: Colleen Corcoran and Joseph Pritchard. Colleen has done great work designing the logo and materials for CicLAvia, as well as the Green L.A. Coalition logo. Joseph has done excellent signage design for Los Angeles’ proposed Bicycle Boulevards.

Quantities are limited, but if you’re interested in picking up a copy, email staylor [at] greenlacoalition [dot] org. The group plans to post the booklet at the website soon.

from Not Enough to Waste

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§ 4 Responses to Not Enough to Waste – New Water Solutions Booklet from Green L.A.

  • I love the ‘its not a drought’ section. I have to explain to most people who talk about water in the East that California isn’t in a big drought, it just isn’t using its water properly/intelligently.

  • Georgia says:

    Beautifully designed product. I think that the urban ecology community needs to work more often with such creative types.

  • Mr.Awesome says:

    Cool booklet. This will solve all our water troubles. And, unbelievable insights: a traditional lawn requires almost ten times the amount of water needed to support a sustainably landscaped yard – I never knew that. I know people are stupid (I am), but I think the real issue is they don’t care OR that water isn’t expensive enough. If only wasting water made traffic worse – now, that’s a cause I get behind.

    Ok. I’m just being bitter. I hate pubic outreach and education. I’m glad someone else is doing it.

    And, bicycles are a UN plot to take over the world!

  • […] > Green L.A. Coalition’s Water Team’s Not Enough to Waste booklet is now available on-line at their excellent water resources website Read the booklet here. Creek Freak’s earlier review here. […]

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