Revealing Rainwater at Seattle’s Othello Station

March 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Stormwater Project sculpture - Photo from Delicious Baby

Here’s a piece of public art that I think L.A.’s Creek Freaks will enjoy.

While procrastinating today, I was watching an excellent new short Streetfilms documentary about Seattle’s new light rail system (where they actually worked with bicyclists to design bike accommodations at their stations and on their trains.) Near the very end of the video (at 4:07), for about a second there’s a shot of what I now know is part of an art installation called Stormwater Project by a sculptor named Brian Goldbloom. It’s at the Othello Station – where I’ve never been, other than virtually.

It’s a kind of a mini-granite creek that drains rainwater from the roof of the rail station’s downspout, directing that water onto adjacent landscaping.

The artwork is an example of (in the words of Denver Landscape Architect Bill Wenk) revealing stormwater processes. We do a lot to make rainwaters’ trajectories hidden (like other nearly-hidden natural environmental cycles – the waste stream, sewage, electricity, food, etc.) so it’s great to see this artwork that helps passerbys to see where their water comes and goes.

There’s no single excellent source for showing this artwork, but it is featured at minute 5:13 through 5:50 in the above video. It’s also featured briefly at  SoundTransit and the Stranger and in this video slideshow (at minute 0.45 through 1:35.) For more work by the artist, watch the short documentary Stone Sculptor: Brian Goldbloom.

Any reviews from folks who’ve actually been there and seen it?


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