A step towards preserving the Santa Clara River

February 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

Many of you already know the story of the Los Angeles River and its demise.  And many of you also know that just beyond the hills from us, development in the Santa Clarita area continues to threaten the Santa Clara River, with paving of its watershed, building in its floodplain, and straightening and leveeing (albeit with dirt or soil-cement) of its upper reaches, repeating the early phases of the trajectory of the LA River’s “improvement”.

So it’s encouraging news (although you’d never know it from reading the comments at the end of the linked article) to learn of another acquisition of land along the Santa Clara River, this one on the lower end of the river.  The Nature Conservancy has put together a land deal with the owners of the McGrath property in Ventura.  The California Coastal Conservancy has also been working in the region to acquire land along the river for its preservation.

Check it out:  Conservancy to buy river property » Ventura County Star.  And if you’re not already worn out by the bitterness of some of your fellow humans, read the comments.


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