LAFD Helicopters Rescue Dog from L.A. River

January 23, 2010 § 6 Comments

Well… I am going to just let this story speak for itself. Dateline: city of Vernon, eight live minutes of firefighters rescuing a dog from the swollen waters of the Los Angeles River. If it’s good enough for KTLA, Fox and a half-gazillion other outlets… then it’s good enough for L.A. Creek Freak.


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§ 6 Responses to LAFD Helicopters Rescue Dog from L.A. River

  • evelyn says:

    hi joe…you okay if i post your posts on fb?

    hope you’re well…

    started a nonprofit called WeTap to reduce single use plastic water bottles…mapping drinking fountains for pedestrians also as a phone application under non profit so that when you need to refill, you will know where to go…perhaps you and ramona and myself can map the la river to some degree? i need to borrow someone’s bike…it’s been along time since i’ve ridden, years…it would come in handy for you? do you always know where to go for convenience?

    hope you’re well…

    • Joe Linton says:

      feel free to post on facebook or wherever. The drinking fountain thing sounds like it could be a good crowdsource-wiki application. Get it out there and let lots of people map it for you.

  • Alex Kenefick says:

    They should base a T.V. show on dog rescues and have that dog host it.

  • federico says:

    best country in the world to be a dog. (and a corporation?)

  • ulises says:

    I was down at the confluence taking pictures yesterday and Thursday,
    I had never seen the river so full so close (eye level), my hands where shaking and I was so scared. one can only imagine what the dog was feeling……
    Gracias, LA Creek freak……

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