Tapped – Movie Review

August 9, 2009 § 4 Comments

“Bottled water is the greatest advertising and marketing trick of all time”
– from an interview in the movie Tapped

The documentary film Tapped is showing now though this Thursday August 13th in Los Angeles at the Arclight in Hollywood. It’s part of the International Documentary Association‘s 13th Annual DocuWeeks series.  Showtimes rotate each day, so see the schedule of Tapped screenings available at the Arclight website. The film is directed by Stephanie Soechtig.

It’s an excellent documentary, that I enjoyed and recommend. The production values are high – lots of beautiful footage, great soundtrack,  appealing and clear graphics, fun credit sequences, and insightful interviews with many experts, including US Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Robert Bullard, Charles Moore and many others – inlcluding a few industry shills who come off pretty badly.

The film touches on issues of water privatization, environmental impacts, lax regulation, health impacts, bottle bills, but I found that the most compelling case that they make is for the dangers of all that plastic. It’s pretty chilling to hear the stories about bisphenol-A and other toxic chemicals that are in those ubiquitous plastic bottles. Also scary is the story of how common plastic is becoming in our seas and waterways – told well by Charles Moore.  It even includes one of those scary clips of all the floating trash collecting behind the boom on Ballona Creek.

Go see Tapped this week. If you’re interested in getting involved locally in the struggles against bottled water, I’d suggest contacting Food and Water Watch. They run a “Take Back the Tap” campaign, educating consumers that tap water is better for us and better for the environment.  They’re also pushing for state regulations that would mandate that private water companies report how much water they’re extracting from California groundwaters.


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