Greywater Fame!

July 28, 2009 § 9 Comments


Joe Linton, Greywater Guerilla appearing at about 1:50 in this 2.5 minute video from KABC TV

Joe Linton, Greywater Guerilla appearing at about 1:30 in this 2:11 minute long video from KABC TV

Los Angeles Creek Freak’s washing machine greywater system (shown and explained at length in this earlier blog entry) gets its fifteen minutes of fame – appearing on KABC TV network news yesterday. How many of you have seen your laundry circling on the six o’clock news?!?

The state of California is changing its greywater law, and I plan to do a more thorough blog entry updating our readers about that news soon… but for now, I’ll send readers to Mark Haefele’s excellent recent opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times. “Nothing is cuter than two kids bathing in a tub, but once you pull the plug, they say you have toxic waste.” 

If you’re thinking about setting up your own greywater system (which is actually fairly cheap and fairly easy and fairly wonderful) see the Greywater Guerillas’ website (their workshops are excellent) and Art Ludwig’s excellent book  Creating an Oasis with Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems. I recently read Ludwig’s book and found it very clear, well-written, and even laugh-out-loud funny in places.  Read his common mistakes section before you install!


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§ 9 Responses to Greywater Fame!

  • Jessica Hall says:

    When I air my dirty laundry, it’s metaphorical! Congrats Joe, and yay California for letting some people-power common sense inform policy.

  • jen says:

    yay! i always knew you weren’t monkeying around when it came to the environment!

  • Way to be Joe! It’s great that greywater recycling systems are getting more traction. I believe that greywater recycling is truly the key to California’s water problems. Joe, if you get a chance join our greywater recycling community, we need people like you in our community to encourage the newbys!

  • It’s important that all of us be aware of the uses of grey water and help in conservation. Years of drought on the Colorado River, and below-normal rainfall and snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains, combined with environmental restrictions on pumping water, have severely reduced the region’s water supply. As a result, we are currently heading into Mandatory Conservation. What this means is that restrictions or fines on water usage could be imposed in order to address our water shortage. Therefore we need to make a conscious effort to reduce and minimize our water usage. Easy things we can do to help save water include fixing leaky faucets, installing water efficient shower heads, flushes and sprinklers etc. Check out all the tips on water conservation here and pass them on to fellow Southern Californians!

  • Jock says:

    Enjoyed Tobar’s piece in the Times today. I hope you are not a westsider who forgets the Valley is part of LA. In case you have consider the five story parking garage Westfield built on an active headwater triburtary to the LA River, or the Crate and Barrel building built on another.

    • Jessica Hall says:

      Jock, I love the streams of the Valley – and also do visit friends in the Westside. I have a backlog of creeks to write about – including the Valley’s many wonderful ones (including Devil’s Canyon, Aliso Cyn, Bell Creek, Arroyo Calabasas, Dry Cyn Creek, Caballero and on and on).

      Where is this Crate and Barrell going in? Let’s get a post up about it. Don’t know about the parking garage, but I have seen where a concreted arroyo (is it Arroyo Calabasas?) is built over by mall parking on Topanga Cyn Rd in the west valley. Is that where you speak of?

      Thanks for your post.

    • Joe Linton says:

      I don’t think that either Jessica or I cover the valley quite as much as we probably should… but we definitely know that it’s critical to the Los Angeles River watershed. We’ve covered the new river bikeway in Reseda, and plans in Studio City, and along Universal. Let us know about other issues and we’ll do our best to cover them.

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