South Pasadena’s old streams

June 23, 2009 § 6 Comments

USGS map of the South Pasadena area, approx 1900

USGS map of the South Pasadena area, approx 1900

I got an email a few weeks (really, over a month) ago and unfortunately lost it.  So today’s post is dedicated to I think his name was Chris, who I wanted to reply to about Pasadena’s creeks.  Alas “Chris”, I’m focusing on South Pasadena’s creeks, but I promise to follow up with something more focused on Pasadena.  I don’t actually know a whole lot about them, but above is a map from 1900 that shows some perennial streams, that appear to infiltrate into the ground, leaving sandy washes downstream.  One was called Mill Creek, I think the other may have been Mission Creek, which flowed right by the old San Gabriel Mission.  Part of Old Mill Creek Road runs past the creek, which current aerial photos suggest is still present in part (I’ve not done the ground-truthing on this).  Most of you have probably heard of Kewen or Wilson Lake, which was filled in and was located where Lacy Park in San Marino is (I’ve also heard that the path marks the outline of the lake).

If you feel like doing the ground-truthing yourself, here’s a map with streets overlaid.  Have fun!  And feel free to post your findings!

Streams of South Pasadena with streets overlaid

Streams of South Pasadena with streets overlaid

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§ 6 Responses to South Pasadena’s old streams

  • Jessica Hall says:

    BTW the streets may not overlay perfectly, as you can see by the lake location sitting right on top of a street.

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  • Drew says:

    Hey Jessica,

    Any chance you have a high res version of the South Pasadena map? Inquiring minds want to know.


    • Jessica Hall says:

      Hi Drew, I can make one. Or better yet, I can send you GIS data of it, a fair trade since your very own Cas did the georeferencing of the maps for me (and offered other GIS-related help!).

      To other interested parties, unfortunately I can’t post the data layers here to download, but am looking for ways to make them available – and will incorporate links as soon as I can. Or email me via this site and I can email you the GIS layers.

  • Drew says:

    thanks – sounds good – I’ll get Cas to work his GIS voodoo on what ever you can send my way. I am particularly interested in what seem to be remnant sycamores running through Garfield Park and parts north/east.

  • Derek says:

    I used to live across the street from Lacy Park, and have seen it revert back to a lake during at least one rainy year. The Old Mill has pictures of kids swimming there.

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