January 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

(and apologies to La Opinión)

Here I was whining about the lack of local media coverage on the bond freeze, and La Opinión was ON IT from day one!  Remind me to read it more often. Like every day.

12.18.09 Paran obras públicas en Calfiornia (Public works projects stopped in California)

SACRAMENTO.— Demandas por incumplimiento de contratos y la pérdida de alrededor de 200 mil empleos traerá la decisión de funcionarios estatales de detener la realización de obras de infraestructura, financiadas con dinero público por casi 4,000 millones de dólares, debido a que los legisladores no han podido ponerse de acuerdo en el cierre del déficit presupuestario.

1.17.09 Liberan fondos estatales (State funds are freed up)

SACRAMENTO. — La Junta de Inversión del Dinero Conjunto del estado ‘descongeló’ ayer parcialmente los fondos para los proyectos de infraestructura que fueron paralizados en diciembre pasado, con el objetivo de ahorrar dinero al estado ante la falta de un acuerdo que cierre el déficit de 42,000 millones de dólares.

Now these La Opinión stories focus on public works projects generally, which is still great, as this larger issue was largely not covered.  Thankfully, Judith Lewis was also there, blogging on the freeze and its statewide effects, with an environmental focus, for the High Country News:  Budget crisis stalls conservation

And finally, the city’s English-language paper of record, the LA Times, noted we’re up a s@%t’s creek:  Funding freeze halts environmental projects across California.  They did a great job describing the effect across Southern California.  Thankfully.  Finally.

For more stories statewide about the impact of this funding freeze, go to Stop Work Impact: Responding to California’s sudden bond funding freeze.


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  • Nancy says:

    I’m not willing to give LA Times a pass and say they “did a great job.” Frankly I think their article was under-researched and just focused on the two “sexy” areas of the state: the big trees and the beaches. They could have called a few of us (and I had made the first contact to which they did not respond) to find out what else was going on. And I believe they vastly underestimated the damage the freeze is causing. They used the unchecked numbers from the DOF only; I saw several in accuracies on my quick perusal of the list. For one thing, the numbers the agencies submitted made no sense when compared to our numbers.

    We need the media to hear us, so we need to be louder. We still need to push and get out our stories on our own.

  • Jessica Hall says:

    Guilty as charged. I probably was too quick to express gratitude that they finally covered the story at all. Their list of affected projects is woefully short.

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