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October 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

Los Angeles River Downtown (Dave Bullock / eecue)

Los Angeles River in Vernon (Dave Bullock / eecue)

Creek Freak has been recommended books to read here and here, but this is the 21st century, so I figure it’s time that I also recommend some blogs that I like:

Spouting Off is written by Mark Gold, the executive director of Heal The Bay.  Gold expertly fuses environmental science with environmental politics.  Spouting Off covers local environmental politics, mostly emphasizing water issues.  It’s uncompromising and opinionated (such as when he calls the plastic industry “evil incarnate”) and one of my favorites. 

Aquafornia is written anonymously. It’s mostly a consolidator blog – presenting various excerpts from and links to other sources’ news about water in California, like this one today with great photos of ancient structures uncovered by the historically low water levels behind Shasta Dam (which, nonetheless, our governor wants to raise.)  Aquafornia tries to be mostly neutral – though a very good source for news about water and stream issues.

Green LA Girl is written by Siel, who is about the most consistent blogger I know.  Seems like every day she has a couple of posts, usually with something that I am interested in.  She writes about how to live in an environmentally friendly way – and deftly mixes in topics like literaturesex, creativity, and caffeine.  Her posts are concise and clear (maybe I should try that some time?)

Homegrown Evolution is written by Erik Knutzen, a good friend of mine, and his wife Kelly Coyne.  Erik has been an excellent blog mentor for me, answering way too many netiquette questions.  They write about great fun low tech ways of living environmentally – with topics like raising chickens, growing your own food, and harvesting rainwater.  Creek Freaks will enjoy their book The Urban Homestead.

Drops In A Bucket is written by Brad Lancaster, rainwater harvesting sage of Tucson, Arizona.  It got off to a great start… but he hasn’t written there in a while.  He’s probably out planting more water.

I read some general environmental blogs, including: Worldchanging LA Times Environment Blog 

and some transportation / bicycling ones too, including: CICLE LA Streetsblog LA Times Bottleneck Blog

and if you’re over 40 like me, you might be wondering – how do I keep up with all these wonderful blogs?  (or maybe why?)  Well… you might try Google Reader – where you can subscribe to various blog feeds and it will let you know when there’s new information.  Just ask someone under 30 to help you set it up.

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