Just in from correspondent Miguel Luna

September 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

Here’s a message I received from Miguel Luna, all-around good guy and chief arbol of Urban Semillas (Miguel provided the photo, but I’ve added the links):

Sketch and His Son at the L.A. River / Arroyo Seco Confluence

Sketch and His Son at the L.A. River / Arroyo Seco Confluence

“Hey during the cleanup we had this guy show up, he was not there for the cleanup – though he was very pleasantly surprised to see people there.  He did not even know that there was a cleanup scheduled for saturday.  Anyways, he said he was lured there because he was following a book he purchased.  Guess what book? YOURS!!! he had it with him and said he had visited all the sites up to this one and was planning on visiting all the sites in the book.”

“He was there with his little kid. I thought you should know, if you don’t already, the impact you have on people’s lives and how lucky we and the river are to have you!”

(Joe’s note: It has been great to hear from folks who are using and enjoying my book.  Early on I would hear from people who had looked through the book saying things like “I like the look of your book.”  Later, I would get comments like “I read about Ernie’s Walk which I hadn’t known until I read your book.”  Both of these are great to hear, but the best comments are ones like what Miguel has passed along where my book has helped folks go and explore places on the river.  Shameless self-promotion: the book is titled Down By The Los Angeles River: Friends of the Los Angeles River’s Official Guide.  It was published by Wilderness Press in 2005.   It costs $17.95 and is available all over, including from my local independent bookstore Skylight Books.)


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