Offshore drilling for LA?

September 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

I know. This is a blog about our creeks and rivers, freshwater resources in our urban areas.  But I couldn’t help doing a double-take over this opinion piece, by a Times writer I respect advocating for off-shore drilling, for his callousness towards our marine and tidal ecosystems in the interest of cheaper fuel prices. It blows my mind how little will we have to change destructive habits (oil consumption), and to demand to invest in changes in fuels and transportation policy.  And at risk of being an “elitist” for caring, I offer this photograph, taken on the Louisiana coast (the other LA) a few years ago.   Yeah, those are oil rigs, and if you happen upon the last chapter in the book Bayou Farewell, you can read one man’s account of how extensive and intensive an operation they are. May we never come to see this on OUR shores, and may Louisianans find substantive alternatives to this for their livelihoods someday.  

Let go of the past and allow offshore oil drilling – Los Angeles Times.


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