Welcome to the Los Angeles Creek Freak Blog!

July 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Welcome to the Los Angeles Creek Freak blog. This will be a joint effort by Jessica Hall and Joe Linton. We’ll be exploring and expounding various facets of how water interacts with our Southern California landscape – from Los Angeles River restoration/revitalization, to historical contours of waterways, to water conservation, water supply, water quality, flooding, and much more. Some of the features we expect to bring you include:

  • how to get involved: volunteering, clean-ups, and more!
  • how to be waterwise at home: water harvesting, graywater, native plants, and more!
  • historical information on where the streams used to be and where they can flow again!
  • places to explore: recommended places along our local creeks and rivers to walk, bike, fish, kayak, explore, play, picnic, birdwatch, and/or make out!
  • recommendations: our favorite books, blogs, websites to read, stuff to buy, and more!
  • watershed headlines: latest news and blogs digested, summarized, linked and delivered to you!
  • watershed calendar: exciting (or at least important) meetings and events!
  • and, of course, the usual highly personal and subjective rants and raves that blogs feature all over the known universe!

Lots more ideas, which we’ll share with you as we go along. So get your RSS on, wear sensible shoes and we’ll see you down by the river.

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